Why Join Harcourts

Why Join Harcourts?

Whilst the proud legacy of Harcourts goes way back to 1888, we now have a total focus firmly set on the future. As the fastest-growing real estate group in Australasia we constantly ask, how can we improve our systems? How we can offer our clients even higher levels of personal and professional service? How what can we provide to help our people achieve the best possible results for their clients?

Currently with over 830 offices and 6,300 property professionals throughout New Zealand, Australia, China, Fiji, Indonesia, South Africa, USA, Hong Kong, UAE and Canada, Harcourts has four key factors which have contributed greatly to our ongoing success... the strength of the Harcourts brand, our superior business and information systems, successfully proven marketing tools and strategies plus our incredibly talented, skilled and committed people.

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From Our Managing Director


At Harcourts we have a simple philosophy – we create success.

Everyone who comes in contact with our organisation must be more successful for that interaction. We are committed to helping people achieve their dreams and goals.

This starts with the success of our team. Companies don’t succeed, people do and that is why we focus on the success of each and every member of Team Harcourts. We know that in order for us to achieve our goals as an organisation, we must help our team achieve theirs. That is why we focus on providing our people with cutting-edge technology, world-class marketing, industry-leading training and coaching through the Harcourts Academy, and the systems, support and leadership to be the most dynamic team within our industry.

Of equal importance is the satisfaction of our clients. Harcourts is one team with one focus – to create and deliver a superb client experience. Not only is this the most rewarding way to do business, it also ensures our clients use us again, and recommend us to their family, friends and colleagues.

I wish to personally extend an invitation to you to find out just how Harcourts can support and assist you with the next stage of your career. There is no better choice to secure your future and be a part of a team that is focussed on your success.

There truly are unlimited opportunities with us!

A Future Without Limits

Harcourts has been providing industry-leading real estate service since 1888. Since then we have built a strong foundation based on cutting-edge technology, outstanding events, innovative marketing, and the best training in the industry. This foundation has shaped the quality, culture and future of the Harcourts brand.

Our Brands

Harcourts specialises in residential, commercial, rural and lifestyle real estate, as well as urban projects and property management. We also boast an impressive range of Harcourts branded services in order to facilitate these core business areas.

Harcourts-logo-B.pngluxury-property-selection-logo.png   logo-foundation.svg


Our Network

Harcourts has confidently expanded across the globe with over 830 offices and over 6,300 sales consultants throughout Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, China, Hong Kong, South Africa, UAE, Indonesia, and the USA.


Systems & Techology

We understand that cutting-edgetechnology can propel your business to new heights and that strong paths  of communication are a necessity for any professional. With the Harcourts One product suite, we give you the tools to provide the highest level of customer service, work more efficiently, and sell more real estate in today’s competitive market.


Luxury property selection Marketing

Our brand is more than just a logo. Our brand is the story of our company. It is our personality, our values and what Harcourts stands for. As a real estate professional, first impressions count. That is why we provide our people with world-class marketing products and systems that highlight the strength of the Harcourts brand whilst showcasing you as a professional.

Harcourts boasts a dedicated team of marketing professionals who will provide you with the latest tools, products, research and support to help you become more successful.

Innovation in global  luxury marketing

Luxury Property Selection is an exceptional marketing programme developed from comprehensive research focussed on the luxury consumer. Exclusive to Harcourts, Luxury Property Selection is a premium listing tool which includes a stunning quarterly publication and an innovative website presenting a portfolio of the finest luxury properties worldwide. Designed to give you an edge in the luxury property space, Luxury Property Selection is a powerful marketing tool which reaches high profile purchasers both locally and internationally through our global network.



We survey our clients monthly in order to identify key market trends early. Gathering feedback on performance, motivation and satisfaction levels provides data which helps us continually develop our team and adapt to market changes. Regular internal surveying of the Harcourts team provides us with internal satisfaction levels and allows us to provide the best support systems and tools in the industry.

Public Relations / Communication

The outstanding achievements of our people deserve an audience. Harcourts is renowned, not only for fostering such success, but also for effectively communicating and celebrating it. With our dedicated communications department facilitating regular media opportunities, your profile can be raised to astronomical heights.

Business partners

Together with the Harcourts branded services, our strong reputation enables us to join forces with remarkable business partners and leading suppliers. The exceptional opportunities these partnerships bring ensure we are able to provide the best possible real estate experience for our clients. The strength of our relationships ensures our team gets the best possible products and services to drive success.

Facebook LogoSocial media

As a dynamic and ever evolving business, we embrace new technology and communication trends. To capitalise on the growing social media marketplace, we actively promote our business through Facebook, Twitter and other mediums, and have integrated these platforms into our in-house technology systems.

Culture, Recognition and Support

Our culture

Harcourts boasts an uncompromising culture focused on people. Whilst hard to quantify, our culture is the single most given response when members of Team Harcourts are asked why they joined and remain with the organisation.

Independent research has found that turnover rates within the Harcourts group are up to 65% lower than the industry average.

Harcourts is clear about its purpose – we create success. Harcourts’ business philosophy is based on this purpose and our four values that are communicated frequently throughout the organisation:

• People first

• Being courageous

• Doing the right thing

• Fun and laughter

These values guide the decision making and behaviour of every individual within the Harcourts group. Not only does this contribute to creating an unforgettable client experience, it also determines how members of the team work together and creates an environment where everyone is determined to assist each other. This is the foundation of Harcourts’ culture and is a key driver in both growth and retention. Harcourts attracts outstanding people which ensures great performance.

The senior leadership team has an average age of 38.7. This youth provides the drive, energy, creativity and passion needed to continually strengthen the growth and success of the organisation.

Events and recognition

Personal achievements deserve to be celebrated and at Harcourts, we are not slow to recognize victory. After all, success breeds success.

Through regional, national and international award events, industry publications and an internal awards structure, we make sure our people have the opportunity to shine.

The annual Harcourts Conference is a fantastic opportunity to highlight both individual and company triumphs. This is an outstanding event which includes international keynote speakers and our top performers combined with networking opportunities and our annual black tie awards dinner.

For recognising and celebrating the people who make up this great company, this is the must attend event of the year.

Our business leader events are designed to assist our franchise owners and managers to build exceptional businesses through financial comparison sessions, top national and international speakers, workshops and networking opportunities. These events provide the perfect platform to kick-start each year.

H1 property

The Harcourts One product suite is a fully integrated online solution. Our system includes everything from full property administration and website hit reporting, contact management with email marketing integration, task management, and contact trails, as well as a comprehensive library of Harcourts documents including training videos, tutorials and scripts. 


Harcourts’ eOne contact and task management application is just one of our exclusive technology tools. The app allows you to access your contacts, listings and tasks anywhere, and rate your buyers to indicate interest level, ensuring priority in contact task management.


Harcourts’ eCampaign is an impressive listing presentation app, fully integrated with all the Harcourts tools you require to secure a listing. The Harcourts Online listing presentation showcases your marketing products and enables you to build custom marketing plans online. 

Office and personal websites

Our office and personal websitesare built on a widget platform enabling you to personalise your website with content to specifically suit you and your business. With the ability to display listings, profiles, stories and testimonials, the options are truly endless. Our sites are easy to manage and have high-speed commercial-grade hosting, search engine optimisation and technical support.


The Harcourts Academy aims to develop the skills needed to build a highly successful career in real estate. Offering a range of dynamic courses and a tailored system of learning, The Harcourts Academy is one of the leading training organisations in real estate industry. Even the best tools and individual brilliance can be worthless without the correct focus. We recruit the best people and train them to be even better. This helps our culture of high achievement and success thrive.