Being prepared for an emergency.應急準備。

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Do you know what vital information to have on hand in the event of a natural disaster or
family emergency? 您知道在發生自然災害或家庭緊急狀況時手頭邊需要有什麼重要資料嗎?

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房東保險: 有備無患 Landlord insurance: be ready for any circumstance

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Many may consider landlord insurance unnecessary, confident that only the best tenants will emerge from a stringent selection process to lease their property. And with good tenants, what could possibly go wrong with your investment – right? 許多人認為房東保險沒有必要,相信經由嚴格的篩選過程可以過濾出最佳的租戶,以租賃他們的房產。有了好租客,您的投資可是萬無一失了- 對嗎?

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