Evolving Neighbourhoods Series: A history of progression

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North Shore residents have always been quite forward thinking, even since the days before the community was officially known as North Vancouver.

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The very best of Winter on the North Shore

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It’s no secret that Vancouver’s North Shore is one of best places to live in the world. We know it, that’s why we live here! 

Here’s the very best of winter activities on the North Shore, as voted by the team at Harcourts. 

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Article about the Christmas Gift Drive for youth in need – Chinese translated.
對無家可歸的青少年來說一年的任何時候都是艱難的,而聖誕節更是令這些流浪在外的青少年們觸景傷情。 他們大都最不喜歡這個季節,因為它加劇了他們經歷的創傷和被遺棄的感覺。年長的青少年在這個困難的時期通常需要某種誘因使他們的生活導入正軌

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