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Oct 17, 2017 7:02:17 AM

Our commitment to delivering an exceptional level of service.

Our mission is to create clients for life. We’re so serious about what we do, we commit to Our Promise; a written assurance that we will deliver you an exceptional level of service, and most importantly, deliver on your primary objective – to achieve the best possible investment experience.

We work with you to improve the yield and relieve any potential stress from owning an investment property. Your specific goals and objectives are our primary consideration in the management of your property.

We are on the forefront of technology. Our Property Managers enjoy a mix of mobile and web-based products for seamless management of the many administrative processes required to ensure that our client’s assets are cared for and your investments are protected.


 Our industry leading systems and procedures and philosophy of continuing innovation ensure you and your property are in the best hands. We accelerate the renting of your property to the right tenant through our focused marketing and comprehensive tenant screening procedures.

Our commitment to you…

We will effectively communicate with you and welcome your feedback and comments throughout the management of your property. Your Harcourts Property Manager will discuss your needs and develop a policy for the prompt response and resolution of matters for you and your investment. In the busy world of property management our clear communication procedures ensure that you always know what’s happening with your property.


We will:
• Prepare advertising for your property including appropriate photographs.
• Advertise your property on all the real estate web sites and social media that we subscribe to within 48 hours of taking professional photography; or if none is required, within 48 hours of signing the management agreement for your property.
• Advertise your property in relevant newspapers and/or magazines where appropriate and as authorized by you.
• Coordinate the installation of a For Rent sign on your behalf within 48 hours of signing the management authority if signs are permitted.
• Coordinate viewings of your property for all prospective tenants until your home is tenanted.
• Provide you feedback on property viewings and website visits
• Obtain a consumer credit check for the applicant.
• Verify applicant references and previous rental history, if applicable
• Verify & confirm an applicant’s employment status.
• Refer all potentially suitable applications to you for approval (unless instructed otherwise).
• Rent your property for the expressed amount as per your management agreement or renting instructions.
• Complete the tenancy agreement with the tenant, explaining the terms, conditions and their responsibilities and obligations. Review with the tenant the Renting with Harcourts booklet along with other helpful information to ensure they are taking care of your home.
• Arrange for the tenant(s) to take possession of the property once the rental application process has been completed, the tenant approved and the funds obtained.
• Collect required funds from the tenant i.e., rent, security deposit and if required, pet damage deposit, and keep those funds in trust on your behalf.
• Complete the initial Condition Inspection report with your tenant, including taking inspection photographs of the interior and exterior condition.
• Provide copies of relevant tenancy documents to you including the inspection report.
• Provide copies of the relevant documents to your tenant as required by law.
• Provide you with a client login to access all your documents and statements online.
• Have regular contact with you and provide feedback to you throughout the renting process.

Rent Collection
At Harcourts, we have a zero tolerance for rent arrears. We have developed a specific arrears policy which we go through in detail with our tenants when they are signing their tenancy agreement.

We will:
• Process rent payments daily.
• Follow up all late payments in accordance with our management agreement and the Residential Tenancy Act.
• Keep you fully informed should the tenant fall into rental arrears.
• Commence the legal process should termination be required.
• Provide you with an annual financial summary of rent collected and outgoings paid and online access to your financials.

Check.jpgProperty Inspections

We will:
• In addition to the initial Condition Inspection, we will conduct quarterly property inspections and make the report and photography available to you.
• Report to you any repairs or preventative maintenance that may be visible or that are reported to us by the tenant at the time of inspection.
• Conduct a comprehensive final property Condition Inspection (including photography) when tenants vacate, ensuring that it is comparative with the original condition report, while taking into consideration any fair wear and tear on the property.


We will:
• Deposit the net proceeds of your rental income into your nominated bank account as per your management agreement.
• Make available to you all copies of invoices for any repairs required at your property.
• Pay all property outgoings as agreed on your behalf prior to the due date (subject to the availability of funds).

Repairs.jpgMaintenance and Repairs
We expect that property owners will undertake recommended repairs to their rental property in order to preserve the value of the property, meet legislative obligations and maintain a positive relationship with the tenants. At Harcourts, we encourage your tenants to submit all maintenance requests in writing.

We will:
• Not undertake repairs to your property in excess of your nominated amount, without first obtaining your approval. NOTE: This excludes emergencies and repairs that are required to be rectified by law.
• Attend to any urgent repair requests immediately.
• Only use tradespeople who are properly licensed and insured to handle the type of work being performed on your property.

Tenancy Renewals

We will:
• Advise you of any notice by a tenant that they are ending their tenancy.
• Minimize vacancies by promptly acting on any notice to vacate received from a tenant.
• Proactively manage the tenant turnover process wherever possible to facilitate consistent income.
• Contact you prior to the expiry of a fixed term agreement that has a defined end date to advise you of current market conditions.

Rent Review
Rental increases can occur on an annual basis after the tenant has occupied the property for a full 12 months. The increase allowable is stipulated by law and the tenant must be notified in writing 3 months prior. We will contact you prior to the tenant notice period to inform you of the rental increase authorized by law and receive your instructions.


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