Does the love of your life deserve a nice house too?

May 31, 2017 9:54:08 AM

The Harcourts Garage edition

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You’ve seen the book on your car-nut friend’s coffee table, or trolled Houzz late at night looking for the perfect setup to house your bicycles and daily driver Porsche 911. Now that the kids have flown the coop, you’re starting to think it’s time to pick up that vintage Ducati and ‘right-size’ your life with a bigger garage.

We all have dreams and aspirations in life, and many of those revolve around how we’d like to see our home laid out and finished. For a lot of folks (men in particular, admittedly, but not exclusively) one of the main focus points is on storage space for toys and gear. My wife and I know; I’m an avid cyclist, we both ski, and we both ride motorcycles. We’re lucky enough to have a space for all these implements of leisure, and my mom is always talking about her ‘boys and their toys’, and how both grow on a parallel plane.

All that to say, garages are a dream for many, because that’s where we can park some of the material things that bring us great joy. A great garage or shop is where man retreats to reflect and repair, restoring the mechanical and the metaphysical through good old fashioned handiwork.


At Harcourts, we care about the things you care about, and we regularly work with clients that need space for a prized car, a stable of motorcycles, a slew of skis, snowboards and snowmobiles, or a specific selection of garden tools which must be arranged just so. It’s a joy when we find those properties, and it’s something we take great pride in being able to search out.

At the time of writing, there are currently 113 homes across the North Shore and Vancouver for under $5M with three covered spaces (read: triple garage), in which to stash away your prized possessions and teach your friends and children the joys of tuning a Solex carb or polishing the original paint on the car your inherited from your grandfather.


If you have ideas about what sort of a workshop or garage you might be looking for, drop us a line. Your family needs space, of course, but we know what you’re really focused on, so we’ll make everyone happy and find you a nice, big, safe, well-lit garage with a reasonable house attached to it.

Where to get your engine-fix this month.

Cars & Coffee
WHEN: June 10th, 8am 
WHERE: Spanish Banks

Classic Boat & Car Show
WHEN: June 10th, 10am
WHERE: BYC North Van

Trev Deeley 100th Anniversary Show & Shine
WHEN: June 11th, 10am
WHERE: 1875 Boundary Rd

28th Annual Father’s Day French-Italian car show
WHEN: June 18th, 10am
WHERE: Waterfront Park 

Dundarave Father’s Day Porsche Show & Ride
WHEN: June 18th, 10am
WHERE: Marine Drive, Dundarave

17th Annual German Car Show
WHEN: June 25th, 10am 
WHERE: Waterfront Park

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