Easy Tips For Downsizing Your Home

Nov 10, 2017 5:36:26 AM

While downsizing can be quite a shock to some it doesn’t have to be. Proper planning and thoughtfulness should help you start to pick items you need and dispose of those that don’t make the cut. Obviously, everyone’s experience will be different, but there are things everyone can do to make your move less stressful.

Take Inventory: What Would You Replace If It Were All Gone

bench-accounting-49908.jpgBefore you even move and know how much space you have to move into, the first thing to do is take a close inventory of your belongings. Ask yourself, If everything you owned was lost in a fire, what would you replace?

Ideally, you’ll make three lists: Must haves, can live withouts, and things I could replace. Your must haves obviously need to come with you. Your “live withouts” are the things you could sell, donate, or get rid of entirely. Your “could replace” list should be reserved for things that you could potentially sell and buy.

Planning Your Living Space Before You Move In

black-and-white-interior-macbook-drawing-71983.jpegBefore you move into your new home make a floor plan for your new place. Using things you already have, start planning your living space, fitting things into the space as you see fit. This will help you decide what is worth keeping, if there isn’t a place for it then you probably can’t keep it.

Doing this planning well in advance can be very useful, especially if there are some items you have that you might be able to sell on for a good price. If you don’t sell it, give it away! There’s no point having something in your home you don’t need and chances are that once you move in to the new space, it will stay there. If you can’t make use of it and it’s in good condition, someone else will, and they’ll appreciate it.
Give Yourself Plenty of Storage Options

archive-1850170_1920.jpgOnce you do make the transition to your new home, make sure to make use of all of the available storage space you can get your hands on. One rule of storage when it comes to small spaces is that you should store up, not out, so if you can make use of your walls for storage and shelving, do it—it’ll keep things off of the floor and out of your immediate living space.

think about what you can do with the stuff you have before you go buy a bunch of containers that just adds to the overall clutter. Try to think of your downsizing as an opportunity to do something new and live a lighter life with a lighter load instead of spending more money shoehorning the things you have into a smaller space.

Be Strategic About What Enters Your Space

Insurance.jpgOnce you’ve managed to move into a smaller space and you’ve trimmed your possessions down to the things that actually matter to you, adopt a strategic approach to what comes into your home. Make sure that everything you bring in, everything you buy or order online, is something you can store with the space you have now and something you really want or need. Make compromises if you have to and just before acquiring something new ask yourself  “new ask yourself  “will I use this? Do I really need this?” That way you keep your new space clear of the clutter.
Downsizing doesn’t have to be a bad or negative experience, and parting with the things you own can definitely be emotional, but try to think about the life you’ll get in exchange for the things you’re giving away.

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