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How your home can be seen, experienced and explored... All at one’s fingertips.

Dec 8, 2016 4:13:28 AM

The world and property market have evolved dramatically in the last few years. Simon of 3DFX.photography explains how to make your home stand out through convenience, transparency and user experience

Virtual 3D Tours, Dollhouse & 360 Explore: Virtual 3D Tours are a unique, leading edge technology from Matterport in the USA that has revolutionized how spaces are presented around the world. 3DFX.photography uses a specialized scanner-camera which scans an entire space to record dimensions and allows you to lift the roof off, figuratively, and make ceilings and walls transparent – like a dollhouse with a floorplan. As a savvy marketing expert said last week: this is the X factor of property marketing! 

Accessible from your tablet, computer or smartphone, Virtual 3D Tours are an interactive virtual experience which allows the viewer to ‘step inside’ every room and walk back and forth, turn around and gain a comprehensive insight of a space – just like they would at an actual open house. The technology is becoming increasingly popular in the marketing of homes as it brings several benefits to both the buyer and seller;

  • The buyer can quickly view a home on-the-go or from the comfort of their own home
  • The buyer has ‘access to the property 24/7’ which means that are not rushed through open houses and can revisit certain aspects which they may have missed the first time
  • The seller can showcase their house in a way that shows intention and value
  • It is a convenient process for the seller as it typically minimizes interruptions in their home
  • Tends to minimize repeat staged visits and serious buyers will return sooner.

3DFX.photography offers a variety of user experiences;

Virtual 3D Tour: an automated walk-through presented when clicking ‘play’

Virtual 3D Dollhouse: allows you to view a property as if through glass ceilings and walls to see the whole interior from many perspectives

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Check out Harcourts Virtual 3D Tour and dollhouse effect in their latest listing at www.3dfx.photography/203-888-arthur-erikson-pl/ 

Virtual Floor Plan: presents the real floor plan, and displays the property’s finishes and furnishings

“360 Explore”: gives you a 360 at every point and allows you to virtually “walk through” a property, stop and look around. 360 Explore is an immersive experience as if you are right there.

Explore international 360 examples of hotels, museums, galleries, and natural sights such as desert canyons and volcanic lava tubes, retail spaces, restaurants, or choose a demo at www.3DFX.photography/demo/

When Harcourts North Vancouver put forward the idea of using 3D Virtual Tours to introduce the team in their working environment, it was the perfect opportunity to showcase the engaging and interactive qualities of the software.


This had never been done before and the main challenge was coordinating the team to pose completely still for long periods of time. With each team member injecting their own personality into the project, there was certainly no shortage of laughter during the production. A vibrant and interactive way of portraying space, people and humour, the project is already taking off online and receiving some great feedback. Visit the Harcourts facebook page to see the results www.facebook.com/HarcourtsNorthVan

Article by Simon Modera, 3DFX.photography

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