Why build a pool too small?

May 12, 2017 8:24:55 AM

It’s do or dive time for the proposed pool redevelopment at the new Harry Jerome Centre.


The Council will make their decision in June 2017. We still have time to have our say North Vancouver!

Does size matter to you?

We have already outgrown the existing 25m pool, yet the new proposed pool is also a 25m pool. As tax payers, we’ve been funding the cause at 1% per annum since 2013. Would it make sense to invest more to achieve more?

“The city should be striving to match the quality of the district’s designs for William Griffin” says Coun. Rod Clark, which he described as “well planned, dynamic and beautiful.”

Where would a 50m pool add value?

  • It would serve a large catchment area of swim related events
  • It will attract more aquatic events and programs
  • Ability to host Olympic level competitions while providing swimmers with the required length of practice
  • It is more accommodating for all types of swimming levels
  • The public will still have access during certain classes and events
  • The larger capacity/crowds will offset operating costs



What your neighbours are saying...

"I care about health and affordable access for all ages to facilities which promote year round fitness. Access to a 50 meter pool for our ever growing North Shore community is progressive and will promotes health and wellness for all. Let's look to the future and build what's needed today." - Mary Lee Best, North Vancouver, Canada

"Way over due!! Make sure you make it deep enough!! No more small lanes and 6 foot depths. GET IT RIGHT!" - Rob Barton, W Vancouver, Canada

"We have an opportunity to build for the future here in North Vancouver. Let's build a 50-yr life span pool that will serve the needs of our population for the majority of those 50 years A 50m pool will serve our ever increasing population by providing the space for both local swim clubs, althletic groups and the general population to use the aquatic facilities concurrently rather than the system we have now where it is either swimming lessons or competitive swim team practices; seniors aquafit classes or masters swimming. Keep North Shore youth and their sport dollars on the Norh Shore by providing space for them to practice instead of having teams lease pool time at the Vancouver Aquatic centre or Burnaby's Central Park pool 4+ times a week. Competitive water polo players travel to Richmond and Surrey multiple times a week to practice with the Pacific Storm because the Titans and Cruisers teams don't have the pool time to develop players." - Dawn Russell, North Vancouver, Canada

"We only have two pools in BC that can host a National level swim meet and a few more that would be acceptable for a Provincial swim meet. 50m long course swimming is the distance that the rest of the world competes. Presently the North Shore has 6 teams do not have an adequate facility to host an Invitational meet. The city is missing out on big revenue to local businesses. Also swimmers from the several swim clubs on the North Shore have to book pool time at Vancouver Aquatic Center or Burnaby Central Park in the summer in order to augment their training. The North Shore teams are at a disadvantage The traffic to get over the bridges after school can add 2 hours to the commute. We have great athletes on the North Shore. One came 5th in the Olymoics in 2016 and received a bronze medal on the 4x200 free relay. We have the swimmers, the talent, the coaches, we just need the pool!" - Sue Logan, North Vancouver, Canada



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